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Web Portal   (?) The web frontend for the application at Operational
API   (?) The public API v3 - The interface that other applications use to integrate with Shipmondo. Operational
Print   (?) This service serves print clients. Operational
Service Point   (?) This service serves shipping modules. Operational
Track   (?) This service serves tracking requests at Operational
Webhook   (?) This service delivers webhooks. Operational
Shipmondo Payments   (?) This service serves everything related to Shipmondo Payments Operational
Airmee Operational
Best Transport Operational
BFT Transport Operational
BHS Logistics Operational
bpost Operational
Bring Operational
Brink Transport Operational
Budbee Operational
Burd Operational
C. M. Transport Operational
dao Operational
DB Schenker Operational
Deutsche Post Operational
DHL Express Operational
DHL Freight Operational
DHL Parcel Operational
Doorhub Operational
DPD Operational
DSV Road Operational
DSV XPress Operational
Early Bird Operational
Endepunkt Operational
FedEx Operational
FREJA Operational
GEODIS Operational
GLS Denmark Operational
GLS Express Operational
GLS Germany Operational
GLS Poland Operational
helthjem Operational
Instabox Operational
Interfjord Operational
LEMAN Operational
Mover Operational
Per Damgård Operational
Posti Operational
PostNL Operational
PostNord (DK) Operational
RB9 Transport Operational
TNT Operational
UPS Operational
Xpressen Operational

Incident history

December 1, 2023 at 8:00 AM CET

Issues creating PostNord shipments on Shipmondo's agreeement

Resolved after 33h 15m of downtime
November 21, 2023 at 9:40 AM CET

Issues creating PostNord shipments

Resolved after 1h 50m of downtime